GPX Data Analyzer


This project allows you to upload GPX files and analyze track data contained within. Every track can see the 'Basic Analysis,' from there, you can then select an Activity to get more detailed analysis that only makes sense in the context of the activity.

Initial Release: December 2011.
Written in ASP.NET, C# and C++. It is open source and available on Github.


Web Application, .gpx file management and parsing, baseline analysis and UI done by: Eric Menze Email

Planning, data collection, and activity specific analysis done by:
Paul Winter - UAA Email
Travis Wilson - UAA
Gabe Degange - UAA

Project Details

This project consists of:

WebApplication - Web Interface, UI, Upload support. C# Web Application. Eric Menze.
GPX - Parses a .gpx file for GPS data (lat, lon, ele, time). C# DLL. Eric Menze.
DataAnalysis - Provides detailed activity specific analysis. C++ DLL. Paul Winter, Gabe Degange, Travis Wilson.

ConsoleApplication - Console Interface to Data Analysis and GPX DLLs. C# Console Application. Eric Menze.
DataAnalysisConsole - Console interface to Data Analysis DLL. C++ Console Application. Eric Menze, Paul Winter, Gabe Degange, Travis Wilson.