GPX Data Analyzer


This project allows you to upload GPX files and analyze track data contained within. Initial Release: December 2011. Written in ASP.NET, C# and C++.


Web Application, .gpx file management and parsing, baseline analysis and UI done by: Eric Menze Email

Planning, data collection, and activity specific analysis done by:
Paul Winter - UAA Email
Travis Wilson - UAA
Gabe Degange - UAA


This project consists of:

WebApplication - Web Interface, UI, Upload support. C# Web Application. Eric Menze.
GPX - Parses a .gpx file for GPS data (lat, lon, ele, time). C# DLL. Eric Menze.
DataAnalysis - Provides detailed activity specific analysis. C++ DLL. Paul Winter, Gabe Degange, Travis Wilson.

ConsoleApplication - Console Interface to Data Analysis and GPX DLLs. C# Console Application. Eric Menze.
DataAnalysisConsole - Console interface to Data Analysis DLL. C++ Console Application. Eric Menze, Paul Winter, Gabe Degange, Travis Wilson.